Frequent Questions#

Can I use Vitrina without contributing?#

There is no requirement for contribution. Contributions are welcome and one of the incidental benefits is learning to be a good contributor. Our hope is that contributors will acquire the kind of habits that make their source code a joy to read.

What if I do want to contribute?#

To contribute, bring a willingness to give credit where credit is due.

This is awesome, why are you so generous?#

All of us stand on the shoulders of giants and this is just a way to be part of that process. Since this project is also a portfolio in its own right, then we do have some “enlightened self interest” in promoting adoption.

This is terrible, why is it so lame?#

Well, in the case of dev ops portfolio sites, we don’t stand on giants’ shoulders as much as sit in their lap. The notion of a general toolkit for developing cloud infrastructure is still relatively new. We draw inspiration from a number of components and we call them out along the way.

What are the requirements for contribution?#

Ideally, to contribute, you should already have:
  • Enough knowledge of git to clone, branch, push and request merge.

  • Familiarity with pytest so that you can extend the tests to include your changes.

In practice, anyone with patience and diligence will get respect and attention.